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Our Team

A modern family business that believes good ideas, passion, and a great work ethic are invaluable assets.
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Megan Riviezzo

Founder, CEO

Megan has been in the event industry for over a decade and has an innovative approach to solving problems. 

She is a true entrepreneur, she pushes boundaries and has.a focus in improving our community one relationship at a time. 


Megan's career started as an assistant event director in 2008, and moved into the director role later in the year after showing the best sales since the facility had opened in 1973. 

She has been part of several hospitality positions, gaining experience in everything from bartending, to upper management. As well as increasing event division sales by 56% in a 12-month time frame. 

Her first entrepreneur endeavor started with Flying Horse Ranch in 2015, click the link below to read her story. 

Megan was inspired to create RS Endeavors in 2019 and will launch its first mobile application in the Summer of 2020. 


Megan and Ed have two kiddos, an 8-year-old boy named Gunner, and a little girl named Archer, and a few too many dogs. Ha! When they are not making strides to grow their business they spend their time enjoying "ranch life" and curating relationships within a meaningful community. 

Edward Riviezzo

Co-Founder, CFO

Edward received his BA in organizational management in 2012 and started his career managing for a multi-million dollar corporation.


All though so much was learned in his 8 years there, he found that building relationships, and spending late nights tossing around innovative ideas with his wife is where his passion lied.


Ed's focus within RS Endeavors is our financial projections, investor relations, and teaming up with Megan to oversee the day to day project tasks while keeping our long term goals in mind. 

Edward believes that curating long term relationships within our community is a valuable asset in business and life. 

Fun facts about Ed, he had a full-ride soccer scholarship to college, he was sure he would never leave Florida, but wholeheartedly LOVES Colorado. He enjoys target shooting and training their German Shepard named Sarge.

Ed and Megan have been best friends for almost a decade and are excited to launch their first project together. Their most common exchange is.. 

Megan: "I have an idea"

Edward: "How much is it going to cost me?" 



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